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The second edition of the Cosmetic Victories

The competition


One of the most challenging issues of the Cosmetic Valley is to detect and support the young innovative companies, as well as to promote the research and the cosmetic sciences. This led to the creation of The Cosmetic Victories competition in 2015, sponsored by the Cosmetic Valley-ESSEC endowment fund.

The competition, recognized by the profession, aims to reward and promote students, researchers, start-ups and SMEs in charge of innovative projects, related to the perfume and cosmetics industry.

Objectives of the competition:

  • – To support and promote projects run by researchers, start-ups and entrepreneurs from the perfume and cosmetics sector.
  • – To facilitate the prize-winners’ access to the market.

This year, The Cosmetic Victories awards 2 prizes:

  • – The Academic Prize, for the most relevant project that meets the new technical challenges of the cosmetic industry.
  • – The Industry / Young Entrepreneur Prize, for the best cosmetic innovation of the year .


Who can take part in the competition?

The Cosmetic Victories is open to French and international contestants:

  • – The Academic Prize: for recent graduates, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers.
  • – The Industry / Young Entrepreneur Prize: for managers of business-creation projects, innovative start-ups and SMEs.


Which types of innovation?

All kind of innovation may be presented as a project submission, in any fields of application of the perfume and cosmetics industry: raw materials, formulation, packaging, tests, finished goods, …

Note:  The innovations can come from the perfume and cosmetics industry or can be the result of technology transfer from other sectors to the cosmetic field: new technologies, new products, new processes, new services, new concepts or new organisations.


The prize

Recognition by the profession

The international jury’s excellence adds value and considerable scope to each prize-winner’s project.

International exposure

Following the competition, there will be major national and international press coverage.

Technical backing

Cosmetic Valley is able to support the prize winners in their efforts to develop their business in France, through the Cosmet’Up tool: a national platform for working alongside and supporting French start-ups and SMEs.

The prize winners will also be able to benefit from project engineering facilities at Cosmetic Valley, in order to help them obtain government funding.

Financial backing

To support the competition’s prize-winning projects, and based on the COSMETIC VALLEY-ESSEC endowment fund, winners of The Cosmetic Victories award will receive a cash prize of €10,000.



Call for application : 13th October 2016

Deadline : 30th March 2017

April 2017: Initial selection by the jury

June 2017: Deliberation by the international Jury, Award ceremony


The Cosmetic Victories jury's

The Jury

The Cosmetic Victories relies on a prestigious jury consisting of members of the major companies and top names in the perfume and cosmetics sector. Last year, LVMH, Chanel, Clarins and Sisley were represented.

Research and innovation institutions, such as the CNRS [the French National Centre for Scientific Research], the GDR 3711 Cosm’Actifs [French Research Network] and Bpifrance will also be present, as well as ESSEC, our endowment fund partner.


The endowment fund

The endowment fund

The COSMETIC VALLEY-ESSEC endowment fund was set up in 2013 to promote French research and to take part in developing employment in the perfume and cosmetics field, with the aim of showcasing the reputation of French cosmetics and the “Made in France” label.

That is why the Endowment Fund authorised the establishment of an annual international competition for young researchers, academics, university students and those from France’s prestigious higher education institutes, as well as people in charge of innovative projects (from start-ups and SMEs) in the perfume and cosmetics field.

The first edition of the competition was launched in 2015 with the name “The Cosmetic Victories”.


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2016 prize-winners

2016 prize-winners

At the first edition of the competition, three prize-winners were honoured at Cosmetic 360, an annual global innovation trade show that takes place in mid-October in Paris.

First Prize: the company DNA GENSEE for the project: New genetic tools for verifying plant authenticity and DNA traceability on plant raw materials and perfumery and cosmetics products.

Second Prize: the company WB Technologies for the project: MAPO™, the first Sense&Treat™ beauty mask.

Third Prize: the company DiamLite for the project: Fluorescent nanodiamonds for permanent marking.



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