Welcome to the 8th edition of the Cosmetic Victories

The Competition


One of the most challenging issues of the Cosmetic Valley is to detect and support the young innovative companies, as well as to promote the research and the cosmetic sciences. This led to the creation of The Cosmetic Victories competition in 2015, sponsored by the Cosmetic Valley-ESSEC endowment fund.

The competition, recognized by the profession, aims to reward and promote students, researchers, start-ups and SMEs in charge of innovative projects, related to the perfume and cosmetics industry, as well as to promote the research and innovation that will participate in the future of the cosmetics industry.

Objectives of the competition

  • To support projects run by researchers, start-ups and entrepreneurs from the perfume and cosmetics sector
  • To promote the worldwide research excellency
  • To facilitate the access to the market

The Cosmetic Victories awards 2 prizes:

  • The Academic Prize, for the most relevant research project that meets the new technical challenges of the cosmetic industry
  • The Industry Prize, for the best cosmetic innovation of the year



Who can take part in the competition?

The Cosmetic Victories competition is open to contestants from all around the world:

  • The Academic Prize: for PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers
  • The Industry Prize: for managers of business-creation projects, innovative start-ups and SMEs



Which types of research & innovation?

  • From primary research project to applied research project, all research works are eligible (all kind of TRL)
  • All kind of innovation may be presented as a project submission, in any field of application of the cosmetics industry's value chain: raw materials, formulation, packaging, tests, finished goods, …
  • The innovations can come from the perfume and cosmetics industry or can be the result of technology transfer from other sectors to the cosmetic field: new technologies, new products, new processes, new services, new concepts or new organisations.



The prize

Recognition by the profession

The international jury’s excellence adds value and considerable scope to each prize-winner’s project.


International exposure

Following the competition, there will be major national and international press coverage.


Technical backing

Project holders might be supported by Cosmetic Valley to develop their project, facilitating collaborations, and connecting with Beauty Hub, the cosmetics accelerator


Financial backing

To support the competition’s prize-winning projects, and based on the COSMETIC VALLEY-ESSEC endowment fund, winners of The Cosmetic Victories award will receive a cash prize of €10,000.



To take part all you need to do is register by filling in the following form in English.


The Jury

The Cosmetic Victories relies on an international prestigious jury, composed of scientific, innovation cosmetic experts, members of the major companies and top names in the perfume / cosmetics sector.


The panel of judges brought together major public institutions, representatives from the profession and prestigious French brands :


Marc-Antoine JAMET, Cosmetic Valley/President

Christophe MASSON, Cosmetic Valley/General Manager

Véronique DRECQ, ESSEC Business School

Laurence DORLHAC, Journalist

Isabelle BENOIT, NAOS Group/Scientific Director at BIODERMA

Jean-Christophe CHOULOT, Caudalie/Research & Development Director


Laure BOULANGER, DGE/Consumer Goods Project Manager

Pierre GARCON, Ecomundo/General Manager

Chistophe HADJUR, Shiseido/Research & Development Director

Arnaud LANCELOT, COZIE/President General Manager

Christhian MAS, SOTHYS/General Manager

Boris MICHELIN, J&J/Research & Development Site Director

Sandrine MILESI, CLARINS/Asset Research Director

Estelle BOUVET, Groupe Rocher

Carine NIZARD, LVMH RECHERCHE/Head of life Sciences department

Xavier ORMANCEY, Pierre Fabre/Research & Development Director of dermo-cosmetic

Sandrine OTTONELLO, BPI France/Chemistry & environment sector manager

Caroline PLOUGASTEL, Chanel/Strategic Partnerships Director

Mickael POLETTI, HERMES/Research & Development Director

Francois VIOT, SFC/President

Members of the Selection Committee 2023

Professor of Biochemistry, Head of the GDR CNRS 3711 Cosm'actifs
Associate Professor - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University
Amandine GOUBERT
R&I Director Cosmetic Valley
Majella LANE
Director, UCL Skin Research group - School of Pharmacy, University of London
Véronique DRECQ
Directeur executif Leading Beauty Brand CHair - ESSEC
Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin · Department of Interfacial Phenomena
Professor of mathematics and informatics Data Science and Artificial Vision
Professor in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Technology fields at the Department of Drug Sciences at the University of Pavia
Lionel RIPOL
Department of Basic Sciences – Québec University
Associate Professor Cosmetic Science Laboratory Faculty of Pharmacy Chiba Institute of Science

The Endowment Fund

The COSMETIC VALLEY-ESSEC endowment fund was set up in 2013 to promote French research and to take part in developing employment in the perfume and cosmetics field, with the aim of showcasing the reputation of French cosmetics and the “Made in France” label.

That is why the Endowment Fund authorised the establishment of an annual international competition for young researchers, academics, university students and those from France’s prestigious higher education institutes, as well as people in charge of innovative projects (from start-ups and SMEs) in the perfume and cosmetics field.

The first edition of the competition was launched in 2015 with the name

“The Cosmetic Victories”.




The Academic Prize 2023

Ophélie PIERRE

Université de Bretagne Occidentale (FRANCE)

Model Of reiNnervaTed Human Skin : 

The project involves the final validation of a model of skin reconstructed by sensory neurones. These are obtained from human samples, thereby doing away with using animals. An irritated or sensitive skin can be simulated using this unique model. This research work will be used to develop new, more appropriate ingredients and new care products, especially for atopic skins.


The Industry Prize 2023

Maximilian WEBERS

Colipi (GERMANY)

Carbon-Light Alternative to Palm Oil :

The start-up has opted to work with the fastest-growing micro-organism on Earth and for which CO2 is the only carbon source.  This innovation converts the carbon dioxide in the air into biomass, thereby producing a vegetable oil with very similar properties to palm oil, whose cosmetic properties are highly acclaimed. It not only provides a technical substitution for palm oil but also a decarbonisation solution for industry.



The Academic Prize 2022


CNRS Researcher in Glychochemistry - Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolécules Végétales – CNRS, Grenoble (France)

Carbogel A Simple and Eco-Friendly Carbohydrate-Based Gelling Agent for Oily Phase :

The project relates on the supramolecular gelation of organic liquids, such as organic solvents or oils, with monosaccharide derivatives that self-assemble into hierarchical 3D network of nanostructures. The sweet gelators are made from an eco-friendly and efficient method (reaction in water). Gelation could be performed by sonication, or by heating/cooling, or by dilution. The gel is considered as a stimuli-responsive and controlled delivery matrix for cosmetic agents. Finally, our project contributes to "green" and sustainable cosmetics by limiting our environmental and social impact.


The Industry Prize 2022

Stefan MAZY

CEO Founder - Derma Health Solutions Pty Ltd (Australia)

SkinRNA Micro-cell Test :

A world-first, repeatable, epigenetic diagnostic skin patch and laboratory test that quantifies skincare effectiveness via real-time gene expression activity. Our device collects more than 15,000 genes, while our algorithms provide gene expression activity scores for skin functions including collagen and elastin production, and skin inflammation. After product intervention, a second test is performed measuring new gene activity against initial benchmarks. Consumers can then repeat testing at intervals to track and monitor skin improvement at a genetic level without waiting for visible signs.



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